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Namaste and welcome to the upcoming Love in Flight Interspiritual Society (LIFIS) of San Luis Obispo, California!

We embody a profound way of working toward the goal of global understanding, respect, and peace by elucidating the common themes, methodologies, meanings and truths of the world’s religions while respecting the unique gifts and particularities of each tradition. Love in Flight Interspiritual Society is based on blending Interfaith teachings with Interspiritual core values and practices. As an Interspiritual community, our vision and purpose is grounded in six core values: Authentic Connection, Consciousness of the Sacred, Inclusivity, Integrity, Lifelong Learning and Sacred Service.

Our Sunday services are bi-monthly (first and third Sundays of each month) and we will begin joining in connection and fellowship on Sunday, New Year’s Eve, December 31, 2017. On our “off” weekends, we will gather in our community to provide compassionate action to those in need. At Love in Flight Interspiritual Society we seek an authentic experience that encourages us to be wiser and more compassionate. Our focus is on global, science-integrative psycho-spirituality appropriate to the 21st century and all living things.

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With great love and respect,

Rev. Laura V. Grace


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